Oliver Robert is SEVEN months old. Mommy and daddy can’t believe how big he is.
He sits by himself
He rolls from room to room
He loves peas
He says dada and yaya
He enjoys playing the piano and singing
He slept for five hours the other night


Marcio and I are doing well. Marcio had an accident at work and has needed to take some time off to recover. He suffers from a severe concussion, vertigo, and muscle damage in his back. Time and time again we see Gods protection and healing over and through his body. Each time he is hurt it is a time for us to grow in our faith even more. we see miracles happen in our lives it’s exciting and addicting and this world has so many opportunities.


We have been taking time to slow down and sew into our friendships and our marriage. We are getting really excited for summer when we can get out into nature and adventure. Sadly, wrong there is still a few more weeks of winter before the great white north starts to defrost. It has been in the negatives all week so we have been crafting and baking. I made these delicious pumpkin muffins that everyone needs to make.

Check it out. I substituted the oil for coconut oil and it was delightful. I also doubled the the recipe and made about 5000 to share with the neighbors and friends. Was super easy and quite tasty. Do it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



3 thoughts on “UPDATE TIME

  1. yum can’t wait to try this recipe!! I can’t believe that nugget is already 7 months?!? I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery for Marcio. Love you Hay miss you lots and lots, lets try and skype or facetime soon.

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