New Years Resolutions

1. Start a new family budget plan
2. Do a mamma and baby exercise or activity
3. Travel
4. Finish college
5. Volunteer as a family
6. Cook new exotic foods
7. Read books
8. Do focused fruits of the spirit themed months
9. Do a good devotional book from start to finish
10. Have people over
11. Bless random strangers
12. Drink more tea
13. Do arts and crafts
14. Go camping
15. Sing
16. See miracles
17. Love deeper and stay connected
18. Sew a quilt
19. Play the piano
20. Blog – a year with no Facebook

This is the first time that I have actually written out a list of things I would like to accomplish and change during this year. Now that two have become three I find myself wondering about our family traditions and about the memories that we will make. I want to raise a child who does not fear the world nor the people in it. I desire for him to love unconditionally, to grow up giving and blessing complete strangers, and to see miracles happen. I want him to travel, to sing, and to be silly enjoying the ability to be care free. Marcio and I have decided to delete our facebooks because we were 1. Spending time on there instead of with each other or with Oliver and 2. We were tired of seeing the garbage that pops up on the news feeds. It wasn’t benefiting us in anyway and therefore can be painlessly removed. We intended on writing on here so that our friends and families can stay up to date on our lives and watch as Oliver grows. I am very excited about this change and desire to stay in touch with each of you so please send us a text, an email, or better yet an old fashioned letter in the mail.



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